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Clumsy Crafter: Guest Post: Nicki Woo's Fabulous Garage Door Silhouettes

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Guest Post: Nicki Woo's Fabulous Garage Door Silhouettes

Today I am in the middle of nowhere.. also known as my In-Laws house. Because internet connections are sketchy, if not all together impossible, in the middle of nowhere, I asked Nicki Woo to guest post here on Clumsy Crafter. She's a smart one with plenty of Halloween craft ideas. Seriously if you love Halloween (I do not) and you're missing some of those spooky crafts that you haven't seen on this blog (cause I detest Halloween), go check out her blog at . She has the cutest witch topiary that if I loved Halloween, I would have next to my door.

So please welcome Nicki Woo to the Clumsy Crafter with her ingenious garage door idea. You will love it.


I'm always looking for ways to claim that my children are just like me.

Here's my 14 month, non walking baby, turning an ordinary bar stool into something a little more ingenious, like a walker.

Aaaaah. Gotta love that kid. She's so smart.

And here's me, who can walk (albeit clumsily), turning an ordinary garage into something a little more ingenious, like a Garage - decorated for Halloween.

See, I told you. We're just alike.

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Making Halloween Garage Silhouettes
adapted from Better Homes and Gardens

 A few years ago, I found a picture similar to the one above, detailing how to transform a regular garage into a Halloween Garage. I was all over that.  The article instructed readers to use theatrical tape. I can't remember the exact name now, but trust me, YOU DON'T WANT TO BUY IT.

Like I did.  My garage turned out lovely, and it was easy, with no worries of it coming down, EVER. Because, when I ripped off the tape, the black color remained, leaving a permanent spooky silhouette.

I love Halloween, but not that much.  I had to completely repaint my garage door.

But then I thought, I sure did get a lot of compliments on that cute garage.

People loved me because of that garage

I made friends because of that garage.

I secured my seat in Heaven because of that garage.

So on year 2, this is what I did instead.

What You'll Need:

* Don't even try to buy the magnets you see in your local craft store. They aren't strong enough, and they won't work.


1. Cut the craft foam into the shapes or scene you desire (My fence pickets are 36" tall and 3" wide).

2. Glue a magnet on the bottom and the top of each individual piece.

3. Place on garage.  Cut your foam shapes at the points where the garage bends, so when the garage lifts your design will separate.

4. Remove your cutouts, and continue gluing magnets to the back. I glued 6 magnets to the back of each picket on my fence. Each picket was divided into 2, meaning I glued one magnet at the top, one at the bottom, and one in the middle.

The one in the middle is not necessary (these magnets aren't cheap) but if you don't use the third, wind can get under the silhouette and move it slightly. In such a case, you can just move it back. That's the beauty of magnets. Or you can use masking tape, under the silhouette to tack down the middle section. It'll keep it in place, but come off beautifully when your ready to take down your decorations.

5. Place your cutouts on your garage, and enjoy your snazzy new spooky garage!

Nicole T. Woodard, author

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