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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Turkey Burger

I knew writing this post would be hard. I partially dreaded it the entire day.

Today is Princess Newbie's first birthday. She's not so new anymore.

She is the only one that we planned. She is the one that we hoped for, prayed for, begged for, believed for.

She is the last, the baby, the only one that I still have to wipe their butt.

She is the one that we watch in wonder of what she's going to do or accomplish.

She is the one that will bite you and then love you at the same time.

She's fiesty alright. extremely fiesty. but ohh so cuddly.

She has a temper slightly larger than Texas. I love it. If she learns how to use it correctly, she is going to be a powerhouse in this world.

She is the baby doll in a house full of little momma's.

She is the one that taught me how to live without sleep.. still... I guess she's training me for when they are all three teenagers.

She is joy.

She loves anything soft that she can hold, frosting, and drinking from a straw. In fact, she's a straw snob, don't give her a sippy cup.. she's too good for it.

She is a dog and water loving girl who is learning how to get back at her sister's.

She is the original turkey burger, monkey girl, elleroo whoo... that really needs to go to bed.

p.s. that wasn't so hard... I didn't cry at all! promise.

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