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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Domestic Goddess

Today I lived up to my name, where perfection is only but a vocabulary word and the pursuit of it is null and void.

First I decided today to make the girls Mickey Mouse smiley face pancakes. With banana lips, blueberry eyes and a strawberry nose, they were cute and lovable.

They were also raw in the middle. Just the batter, uncooked.

Then I sat down to finish resewing the huge dress I made for Princess Goofy. I almost had it done, I was just working on rolling the lining's hem on my serger when this happened...

Just in case you're not familiar with sergers, it doesn't usually pierce and rip the fabric to shreds as shown above. Apparently my Domestic Goddess powers are just too much for this serger.

After I finally finished the dress, although rushed and totally against all formal sewing techniques, I decided to touch up the paint on the front door. Just consider me the Can Do Girl. As in, the can of paint will drop on the doorstep.

You really can't see it in the pictures.. but oh yeah, it's there.  Apparently I need painting lessons, and a broom to sweep off that front porch.

Not to mention that I accidentally flashed my neighbors across the street while working on painting the front door... the ones that have surveillance cameras pointed at our front door. Yeah... look for me on YouTube later. I'm gonna be a star!

Somethings did work out tonight. I made Antelope meatloaf in the crock pot. (real antelope)  Princess Goofy's gigantic dress finally got cut down to a more appropriate size and I finally gathered up all those dead tomato branches out of my yard.

Clumsy Crafter, mastering the art of the uncoordinated dingbat... one mistake at a time

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