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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today has taken every single ounce that I have.

Friday the surgery went well even though I couldn't feel my tongue or most of my face until Saturday morning.

Saturday wasn't bad either. I slept a lot and finally was able to feel my temple by mid afternoon. My chin finally got feeling by bedtime. Saturday I decided to ditch the pain pills because they make me so tired. I cannot function but then late during the night I needed some help getting comfortable so I could sleep so I took half of one pain pill.

Today I have taken three naps. I am exhausted. My mother in law who was a life saver left early this morning which means that I was left with three super hyper children having Mimi withdrawals. Really the older two girls have been pretty angelic today but Princess Newbie got two new teeth this weekend, when I lost four teeth, and she is fussy. I have not seen her this fussy ever. I think Damion and I spent half the day taking turns trying to make her happy. The other half of the day I slept. I am so very very tired.

I know this might be TMI to the few guys who occasionally read this blog I didn't realize until tonight that one of the reasons I have been so tired is because I'm still nursing Princess Newbie and she's taking half of my calories right now. That wouldn't be a bad thing except I've been living off of low fat yogurt and sugar free pudding cups. I think I've ate less than 600 calories everyday for the past three days and princess Newbie is taking a lot of those calories. Combine that with no protein, no vitamins, and tons of druggie hangovers and I just can't make it much more today.

I'm about to try and get all three girls to bed early and then I'm going to bed too, if I can make it that far.


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