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Friday, June 11, 2010


Unless you are a tooth fanatic, you are probably sick and tired of hearing about my Wisdom Teeth. The problem is that I am living in a perpetual Ground Hog Day of Wisdom Teeth pain. I'm tired of it too but I write this blog so you'll read about it! HA! I like moments of power, makes me happy.

Ever since the actual surgery I have had a horrible pain the right side of my jaw. It hurts to open my mouth and it hurts to the touch. The pain kept increasing and so on Tuesday I went back to see my oral surgeon. He said that it was probably a dry socket but I still had my stitches in so he couldn't treat it until they came out. I was supposed to come back to see him on Thursday if it got worse. Then I woke up on Wednesday feeling like someone was filling my jaw up like a water balloon, just waiting for it to pop. The pain was intense and my jaw was ready to explode. So I went back that day and he cut the stitches and packed the dry socket. That helped some but my jaw was still sore and I still couldn't touch the side of my face.

Thursday I was having a horrible pain the other side of my face which turned out to be my stitches rubbing and pulling on my gums. I pulled those suckers out myself with tweezers. (don't tell my surgeon) The second they came out I instantly felt better.

Then today (Friday) I woke up with the pounding pain back in the right side of my face and a bad ear ache on the left side. It feels like someone is taking a screw and slowly twisting it into the back of my mouth. Then take a hammer and whack it on my jaw a few times, topped off by lighting my ears on fire and you have my level of comfort this morning. At that exact time my cell phone dropped all signals, our house phone was dead and we had no Internet. I'm guessing AT&T was having major problems around here because I saw more AT&T trucks in our neighborhood than drug dealers (just joking about the drug dealers, there's really only 2). So I had no way to call the surgeon. I kept trying and finally mid morning I was able to get a signal out on my cell to call his office. My conversation with the receptionist went something like this....

"Hi this is Bobbie ______ and I'm having some pretty bad pain again." Her reply was classic "Oh yes Bobbie, looks like you have an appointment with us on Monday at noon so we will just see you then sweetie. bye" and then she hung up. I'm not joking.

At this point please remember that I had fighting kids, hormones, no phone connections again, and intense pain. So I did what any smart woman would do in my position, I sat down and cried. It was about this time that my cell decided to work again and Damion called to see what was going on. He probably wishes now  that it wasn't working because all of hell's fury came pouring out of his hormonal wife and he received the brunt of a sobbing mess. Yes, some days I can be a sobbing mess... it's happened at lot this week since I'm tired and frustrated about all these problems after this minor surgery.

To make a long story short, Damion called the surgeon's office and they found an appointment for me. I hate the fact that he gripped at them because he's such an awesome man and I hope they know that. Actually him standing up for his wife to protect me amplifies that point but at the same time, I wish it could have worked out a different way.  I was in our room with soaking wet hair, pajamas and not ready to leave yet when he told me that they would see me immediately. So I had to throw the princesses costumes for their Princess Ballet camp recital on their backs, brush their hair, find Princess Newbie a dress, throw on my own clothes, pull my hair back and run out the door with no make up and puffy eyes. Yeah, we were a sight to be seen. I had hoped to spend a little time pampering the princesses before I took them to camp. I wanted to make sure they really shined on stage and let them wear some lip gloss and a little eyeshadow. Instead their hair looked experimental and Princess Goofy was commando under her tights. I got three out of the four of us out of the house with underwear in under ten minutes, I think it was a success.

My surgeon, who I really do like, saw me immediately and packed the two dry sockets that I now have. He still has no idea what is going on with my jaw and I don't think he gets it that it is the majority of my pain right now. I'm going to discuss it with him again on Monday.

I made it back to our side of town in time to drop the Princesses at camp, run home and do my make up and then back to the camp in time to watch their little performance. Of course one princess did great and one froze and then freaked. We had bets riding on it, I knew it would happen. I recorded all of it, including the freak out and I'm going to work on getting it posted this weekend. We have a fancy video camera that neither of us can remember how to transfer the movies over. I should go ask the drug dealer down the street.

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