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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The one

Someone cut her hair today. I'm not talking about a few small snippets of hair. There was A LOT of hair missing from her head. If there was ever a kid that pulled every trick in the book of growing up, this is the kid.

She was the one that got a chair and pushed it up to the counter as a toddler only to get a bottle of kid's Tylenol off the top shelf, open the childproof cap, and drink it. (yes she was OK, yes we called poison control). Apparently it is safe for a kid to drink 1/2 of the bottle. No joke. They told me it would be OK, just watch her.

She is the one that drew ginormous smiley faces all over her bedroom wall in permanent marker.

She is the one that asked me to get her hard foods to eat so her teeth will fall out. She is desperately and impatiently waiting for the tooth fairy to bring her a prize.

She is the one that used to put her baby sister in the backyard and leave her there.

She is the one that put dawn soap in the dishwasher. I have never seen so many bubbles in my life.

She is the one that used to lock Princess Goofy in a dark closet, and laugh.

She is the one that carved a little square into our dining room table with scissors.

She is the one that makes concoctions in our kitchen before we wake up in the mornings (she's sneaky).

But maybe she's just getting us back because she's the one that we put naked in an easter basket.

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