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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Skittles and Glue

Today was Texas Independence day.... It was also Dr. Suess' birthday. Today was also the day for primary voting here in Texas. What can make this day better?

Hmmm... any ideas?

Maybe because was also my birthday. 20 some odd years ago today time stood still and the wonder that is myself entered the world. In fact the day that I was born, there were fireworks and parades all over Texas. Maybe because it was also Texas Independence day but maybe not.

Overall I had a great day. I got a ton of emails and phone calls from friends and family and felt loved. His Royal Highness brought me starbucks this morning and took me for a seafood lunch. Tonight I spent time with Princess Newbie, watching her pull up and try to stand. I am loved and I thank you all for it.

So tomorrow I begin the last year of my 20's. I'm not sure how that can happen when I'm only 25 and have been for the past few years but apparently I'm entering a new decade soon. Because everyone needs a goal, no matter how crazy or off topic it may be... I am creating a list of goals to achieve before I turn 30. Ready for it?

1. Give up sugar for one week... I'm starting this tomorrow. It will be painful and I might be delusional but it's happening.
2. take a photography class
3. work with clay... whether it is pottery classes or another clay slab class... work with it and get my hands dirty!
4. make some of my own clothes.
5. Make more of my kid's clothes.
6. build a new coffee table/ dining chairs/ bookshelf...
7. loose more weight. The number shall remain a mystery until I am closer to it.
8. Take the kids camping.. and yes... camping in a hotel does count! ha!
9. read at least one book a month
10. keep my van cleaner
11. Keep nursing for at least three more months.
12. Weene this kid!
13. learn how to better use my embroidery machine/serger
14. grow a cucumber
15. be a better wife - I know you're thinking, "how is that possible?"
16. be a better mother - totally possible. Did I tell you that one of my kids fell down an escalator today? I'll let you guess which one....
17. create some of my own recipes and actually write them down!
18. write a book.
19. visit another state (except louisiana)
20. win the lottery... ok.. I might not achieve this goal because I've only played the lottery once before but you never know!

I don't know if I'll achieve all these goals but at least I have a vision.... and the vision is GOOD!

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Anonymous Damion said...

So she did not have sugar yesterday and she looked like she had just ran a mile in the snow ... uphill.

March 4, 2010 at 5:06 AM  

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