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Clumsy Crafter: Cake Show Part 2

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cake Show Part 2

We are finally home from the Cake Show this weekend and my house is finally clean! So now I can show you pictures of what I have been working on the past few weeks but they are not the best pictures. In fact, I fired my photographer tonight. He didnt even take a picture of the front of the cakes, only from the sides? Luckily the cakes all made it home with us and I'm going to take better pictures tomorrow.

So without any more interruption, here's my entries to the Sugar Arts Show this past weekend:

My wedding cake entry into the Intermediate Adult category. It has lattice work, extension work, and hail spots if you know what all that means. This cake I really bombed when it came to piping the bottom borders and the judges even commented on it. I really love the overall idea of this cake but I just couldn't bring the details together on it. It was a love/hate relationship and the judges must have felt the cold distance of our hearts because it did not place. No surprise. I do have big plans to put it on the roof of the van and gun it at full speeds down the road.

This was my entry for Special Techniques in the Intermediate Adult category again. I really loved it and there are so many details. There's even ice in the glasses and the cupcakes had sprinkles but I was beaten fair and square in this category. The women who won all had outstanding entries.  This was a great category. I love it when I have that awesome of competition.

Aw... the green cake. This is the love of my life and my favorite cake yet. It just fits my personal style and I want to marry it. The bird on the top of the cake was hand painted with cocoa paint and the flowers are all out of gumpaste. This cake did win third place which I didn't 100% agree with but I'm still happy to have brought home a medal. And I might be a little partial to this cake because of the love affair and all...

Then there's the best cakes of the entire show! The green cake on the left was done by a master baker we like to call Princess Goofy and the one on the right was done by critically acclaimed cake decorator known as Princess Girly Girl. They each won a medal for their cakes. Princess Goofy won for best blue snakes on a cake and Princess Girly Girl won for best colors on a cake.

Princess Newbie wanted to enter a cake but her drool melted the icing... maybe next year.

Overall I was little disappointed this year with the cake show. Every year I look forward to seeing the Master level enteries because they are always so amazing and complex. There were not many enteries this year and most of the people that entered the masters level competition won just because they were one of the only entries. I could have won with all three cakes this year if I had entered in the Masters level. The higher level cakes also were not challenging this year and were disappointing in a way. The begginer level cakes were so much better than several of the higher level cakes.

Also I disagreed with the judging on many of the cakes. There were some real stand out cakes that did not medal at all while cakes that had only one technique, fondant figures, won everyime. I just wish that cakes that attempt harder but not always as popular techniques had a better shot at being recognized... but Ill get off my soap box now and go change a diaper.

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