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Friday, March 12, 2010

Hey Cupcake!

I think it's time for a road trip. Pack your bags, gas up your cars, put on clean undies, sit on your couch and take a virtual road trip to Austin with me.

The next few days I plan on showing you some of our trip to Austin that we took two weeks ago. It has taken me the full two weeks to recover and get back in the swing of things. Hopefully you won't experience the same setbacks.

My first true Austonian experience was at Hey Cupcake. Austin is known for it's food served in Airstream trailers. No joke. So when I read about Hey Cupcake, I knew it was fate.  I know this might be tricky for you but you'll never guess what they serve at Hey Cupcake.

How'd you know that? Did you cheat? They serve delicious cupcakes. I ordered the Micheal Jackson cupcake. It was chocolate cake with white cream cheese icing. It was great but I later tried one with buttercream that I liked better. There was nothing wrong with the cream cheese icing, it was just a warm day and the buttercream held up a little bit better than the cream cheese. The cake itself had little chocolate chips mixed in it. It was amazing and the atmosphere of being on a hip but crowded Austin street in a line of airstream trailers only made it better, not to mention that the woman serving the cupcakes could have stepped out of the Better Homes and Gardens, 1950's edition. And yes, there is always a line... a long line.. but it moves extremely quick.

It was a great treat that the princesses and I really loved. I fully recommend finding Hey Cupcake if you are ever in Austin, in person. The airstream trailer can be found on S. Congress, just south of the capital area. If you see funky, trendy looking shops, you will find Hey Cupcake.

it looks like she has a mustache...hehe...

Someone's Grandmother was sneaking them globs of icing... that someone might have been in a sugar induced coma....

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