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Friday, December 4, 2009

Holy Snow Batman!

It snowed in Houston today. I'll give you a minute to pick yourself up off the floor. ................ ok... better now?

They predicted it yesterday and honestly I did not believe it. His Royal Highness woke me up this morning when he called to tell me that it was snowing in downtown Houston. I watched outside all morning waiting for the first flakes to fall. The second I saw them, we headed outside because I didn't know how long they would last! Later in the morning it started sticking and I let the older two princesses outside to play again but I kept Princess Newbie inside since she has a cold already!

They had so much fun and Princess Goofy asked me if it can please snow again tomorrow. I wish princess, I wish.

Princess Goofy refused to let me take her picture. I love this kid!

I also wanted to post a few pictures of these cute christmas onesies for a boy. I love the vest and bowtie combo. They turned out really cute.

Lastly, I might be going to meet The Pioneer Woman (YES, that Pioneer Woman) tomorrow at her local book signing but I can't decide if I'm going to go for sure. His Royal Highness and I talked at length tonight about how I could freak out and screw up the entire thing. Yeah, cause' I'm coordinated like that.  If I do go, I will be blogging live from the event!! Via my Iphone.

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