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Clumsy Crafter: You know you're getting old when......

Thursday, December 3, 2009

You know you're getting old when......

I'm getting older. It's sad but true. I guess it happens to the best of us.

This year several things have happened to make me realize that I'm not the young whipper snapper I used to be.

1.) I do not understand one bit how to use twitter. Sure it seems all innocent but all this RT@ stuff and how do I know when to comment back to someone? ugh! My brain gets friend just looking at the picture of the bird, much less actually logging on. My four year old could probably be one of the most popular people on twitter though.

2.) I was driving to Fort Worth the other day and this car packed full of young college girls from Baylor went zooming by me. They had their music blasting, sunglasses on, jamming and dancing out to their music. My first thought was, "I remember doing that." Oh boy.. now it's a memory! no long an action but a memory! My new motto should be, "If you can't jam out to Barney, who can you jam out to?"

3.) I find myself doing laundry and other household chores at odd hours of the night when I'm supposed to be resting. The thing that proves to me that I'm getting older is that I'm doing it just because it needs to be done. It's not something that I'll skirt around or put off anymore. As my mom used to say, "If I don't do it, it won't get done!"  Oh my goodness. I'm turning into my mother.

4.) Gray hair taking over and in need of it's own zip code.

5.) We only have one free seat in our minivan. I accepted driving a minivan last year. I figured I would just be one of those really cool people that drive one. (those people do exist right?) Last week I realized that there is only one free seat in the thing. No longer can I cram four of my bestest friends in the car and hit the road unless they want to pile on top of the stroller in the back. Oh and we'll have to make stops every three hours while we're on the wild road trip so I can nurse the baby. And we might have to stop a few other times for potty training kids to go to the bathroom. Only the kids will change their mind once we reach the bathroom and we'll have to stop again thirty minutes later when they realize they really do have to go. I think this is where some of these gray hairs come from.

Old age, here I come.... right after this bathroom stop.

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