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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To Water and Health....

Sunday our Pastor preached on being thankful for what you have.  In the message, yes I really did listen, he specifically mentioned two things. 1) being thankful for your health and 2) being thankful for your home and water. He probably did mention a few other things but I was busy smelling a gorgeous baby's head.

It was a great sermon that His Royal Highness and I both gleaned stuff from. Sometimes you listen to a sermon on sunday and file it in your brain to revisit later and sometimes you listen to one and then the truth of it smacks you in the face later in the week. This week the truth of the sermon has just showed up and it has showed up big, mainly because God is big. He is too big to fit on a piece of paper, right Pastor Amish Beard? See, I was listening!

If you read my blog yesterday than you know that I was slightly injured sunday evening which resulted in my kids eating pie for dinner. Yeah, it's a funny story and slightly trivial to some but when you look at the grand picture of things, it's a great story of thanksgiving. Most of all, I'm thankful that I still have working knees. If they occasionally want to pop out of joint and take a small hiatus, they probably deserve the vacation. We've heard for years about the explosive mines that were left over all parts of Africa after various wars and children that were loosing limb after limb because of the mines. We have soldiers everyday returning from overseas without limbs. I have two knees that work, not the best but they work and I'm thankful. I'm also thankful for that apple pie that our church gave us on sunday. Again it seems trivial but I haven't gone grocery shopping for this week since we are going out of town. I didn't have anything to quickly fix my kids for dinner and it was really late. Not only that but they had been trapped upstairs having to be quiet while His Royal Highness and I were trying to get my knee back in place. They deserved a special treat and it was provided.

Now we come to yesterday when I was sitting at the table working on a craft project. The doorbell rang and I opened it to find the company that takes care of our water. The county does not  take care of our water here, a private company does. The guy told me that I had a major leak down by the street and I would have to call a plumber to fix it. Mass panic between HRH and I ensued because we just don't have the money for a plumber right now. I started digging the hole to fix it while HRH rushed home from work. Well, he commutes an hour each way so he slowly made his way on the bus. No rushing available when it comes to Houston public transportation. The hole I was digging kept filling back up with water so I had to call the water company back out to help get the water out of the hole. The guy that showed up helped HRH locate the leak but told us several times that he could NOT help repair it but he just stayed at our house, he never left. To make a long story short.... At one point I was outside supervising and the guy was just standing by the hole, watching HRH work, then I went inside to do something. When I came back out, 5 minutes later, the guy was in the hole helping HRH. We were trying to figure out everything we would need to go buy to fix the pipe when the guy pulled it all from the back of his truck. We never had to buy anything. We never had to call a plumber. It was all provided. God provided. HRH and I couldn't keep the grins off our face. We were so blessed and we are so thankful.

Today I watched a video of a healing that happened at our church a few weeks ago when we were out of town. It's not for everyone because we do go to a charismatic church but I believe it was truly God providing for our worship leader who was starting to have a seizure. I cried, which I do often and freely. But I did cry because God is just pouring out so much to be thankful for right now.

I have a new saying that I'm starting with the princesses. Whenever they fight over something saying, "that's mine,". I tell them, "that is not yours, that is God's, He is just letting you borrow it."

Some of you may not believe in God but for those of you who do, open your eyes, look outside the box and see what all He has provided. Then let's give thanks together.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so awesome!! Praise God! Enjoy His blessings, they come daily!

November 24, 2009 at 8:51 AM  

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