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Clumsy Crafter: Mother of the Year

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mother of the Year

I have been working on some crafts, I promise. Actually I think I've been working overtime on crafts.

My plans yesterday was to take pictures of a few things I've been working on and post them for you to see.

But in the midst of my day, my trick knee decided to do a few backflips, followed by a joint popping dislocating freeze. Does any of that make sense? My knee sometimes just gets stuck out of joint. It's happened for about ten years. I know I need knee surgery but we live in a two story house with all the bathrooms upstairs. hmmm... Ever try to make it upstairs on only one leg? It's really not that hard, you can crawl up the stairs. The tricky part is making it back down again.

Yesterday as I trying to turn around on the couch to look at Princess Newbie, who was asleep in her pack and play behind the couch, my knee just slipped out of place. Usually I can work it back in place within a few minutes but this time it stayed out of place for over two hours.  It hurts pretty bad but I think the worse thing to me was what I was wearing. What kept going through my head non stop was that we might have to call an ambulance or try to make it to the ER if we couldn't get my knee back in joint by ourselves. It was laundry day and I had just slipped on whatever I could find. The ensemble consisted of pink striped capri pajama pants, a very bright green shirt that has a zillion holes and a breastmilk stain on it (I'll let you figure out where that stain is located), a very old mens bluish gray shirt that I wear when I'm cold, and rainbow colored dress socks leftover from church that morning. Oh I would be admitted to the hospital alright, but probably not for my knee. So I was stuck in a weird position on the couch, wearing a goodwill inspiried clown's outfit, unable to move for two hours. lovely.

Finally I was able to move with His Royal Highness' help and my knee slipped back into place. However after all the craziness of the day, my kids ate pie for dinner.  I'm sure there are some vitamins in apple pie. Don't you think? Oh yeah, and they ate it at 8pm.

Mother of the year award.... it's in the mail.

Maybe I'll get those crafts posted today, or maybe you'll just get a piece of pie, at 8pm.

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