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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Make It Work

I LOVE Project Runway. We used to have DirectTV and did not get the Bravo channel. One of the main reasons I wanted to switch to Dish Network was just to get the Bravo channel. We finally switched just in time for it to switch to Lifetime and spend the entire season locked up in court on who actually had the rights to air the show. AGH. I was almost giddy when I saw in on the fall season schedule for Lifetime. Ok, I was giddy. I have every season DVR'd, including this one so far.
Now that I have all that explained, Does anyone else plan outfits that they would make for that challenge while they watch it? Sometimes I wish I would have gone to Fashion Design school just so I could be on this show! But then it never fails that the designers whip up these amazing outfits in just a few hours and I'm reminded that I should stick to things that don't require measuring or square corners. Plus I'm too dorky. Seriously, who would want to watch a contestant singing the theme song to Fresh Prince of Belaire or Sir Mix Alot's big butt song?
One of the contestants just called another guys dress, "Dinosaur Chic"!!! I love it! Off subject but Princess Goofy can't make up her mind if she wants to be a dinosaur or tinkerbell for Halloween. Maybe I should make her a dinosaur chic dress to wear.
So who else plans dresses in their heads while they watch Project Runway? or wishes that they could just stand next to Tim Gunn. I bet he smells good. He just looks like he would.



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