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Clumsy Crafter: When you woke up today.....

Friday, September 11, 2009

When you woke up today.....

Many years ago when my mom was telling me about her memories on the day that JFK was assassinated she told me, "You will never have an experience in your lifetime that you will remember as clearly as I remember the day JFK was killed." We had no idea that years later terrorists would attack America using airplanes.

I remember that day so clearly. I had the flu and was asleep on the couch when my dad received a call telling him to turn on the TV and watch. He woke me up and together we watched as they talked about the plane going into the first tower. A few minutes later as he was getting dressed, I watched the other plane go into the second tower and called him to come see. My dad went onto work that day but I stayed home on the couch and watched the news coverage nonstop. There were prayer rallies popping up all over our small town that I couldn't attend because I will sick. It was such a sad day with worries of more attacks to come. Later it became clear that the pentagon being hit and the plane landing in the field were also parts of this evil plot. My dad and I watched President Bush address the nation that night together. His speech was respectful yet uplifting. That night I received and email from this guy that I had a huge crush on. The first line of it started with, "when you woke up today, did you know that something like this would happen?". Weeks later I went on my first date with this guy. In November we will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary.

The world changed that day. People flocked to churches. Some stayed there, others never went back again. People wearing head scarves were stared down in public for years, security no longer a privilege in America. Horrible things happened that day but there was some good. Love was starting to grow that day and it continued to grow. For some if just meant banding together in support, for others it meant that their future spouse was already starting to lead and guide them.

I am blessed with my Royal Highness.



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