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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

3 strikes you're out! Plus one!

Yesterday was nuts. crazy. true life.

The day started when I woke up at 5:15 and noticed that His Royal Highness was gone. He leaves early in the morning but his alarm usually goes off at 5:15 and there was no alarm, no HRH. I sent him an email asking why he had already left. His reply was simply, "because the plane leaves at 7." Plane? What plane? Apparently he had forgotten to tell me that he had to go to Dallas for work. UGH. That meant he would be home late. Strike one against my day at an hour that I would prefer not to be awake.

Mid morning I decided to take the girls to get their haircut. Princess Goofy was beginning to look like a wooly mammoth and we will be seeing a ton of family this weekend in DFW. I took them to a salon in Katy that I have used before for my own hair and I knew they had one of the salon chairs that looks like a car for kids to sit in. The car chair was broken. I should have walked around the corner to Cool Cuts for Kids right then. The girls did great but the stylist did horrible. Princess Girly Girl's haircut was over in less than 2 minutes. I am not joking. The stylist literally just did a straight cut across the back of her hair and pronounced her done. Remember that the kid is 4 and cannot sit still. So therefore, a straight cut across the back of a wiggling kids hair equals zig zags gone wild. She didn't cut the sides or anywhere else. I should have known then. Next was Princess Goofy and she actually cut the top and sides of her hair but she forgot to cut the right side and didn't touch the back. hmmm... The kid looked like she had a wooly mammoth mullet. I was mad but I'm too nice to say anything. I paid the $25 freaking dollars and marched my special looking children out of there. It was strike two.

I decided that fixing my children's hair was more important than naps so we skipped that and I got out my scissors. Princess Newbie was asleep on our bed, being the perfect angel that she is. As I was trimming Princes Girly Girls hair, Princess Goofy announced that she had put the baby in her bed. My three year old just moved my newborn into the bassinet next to our bed. I thought my heart was going to skip right out of my chest. The baby was fine, baptized into a life with two older sisters, but momma was on the verge of a meltdown. Strike three.

The good news is that I did get their hair fixed to a point where I can go into public with them. I'm not so sure I can go into public with His Royal Highness but that's for different reasons.

A few minutes later I was sitting in our office decompressing from the wildness of the day and I heard The oldest princess tell me twice that Princess Goofy was hurt. I didn't hear any crying so I slowly walked to the hall, not really in a hurry. I saw Goofy at the bottom of the stairs, just starting to cry, with dark red blood pouring all over the place. She had tripped and hit her lip on a plastic boat. I immediately starting wondering how I was going to get all three kids to the ER. The good news is that when I cleaned it up, it was a very small boo boo and Princess Goofy shook it off like the clumsy pro that she is. strike four.

My wonderful neighbor came over in the evening and played with the girls and gave me a small break until HRH arrived home. It was such a nice break.

The day wasn't a total loss. As our neighbor was leaving, Princess Goofy ran to give her a hug and told her, "thanks for playing chalk with me." I had not prompted her to say thank you. She just did it. I was so proud of my big 3 year old. I think that saved my day.

Hopefully the trip to DFW this weekend will give me a break and let everyone meet the newest princess.



Anonymous robyn said...

I love your just makes me laugh and realize that we all have bad days...and just need to laugh about them :)

September 7, 2009 at 7:46 PM  

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