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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Single Ladies

I'm not a musical person. I really can't tell you who is on the radio today or what songs they sing. I can do the entire rap from The Fresh Prince of Belaire. Yes, that is my biggest achievement yet to date.

After hearing about the entire Kayne West/Beyonce/what's her name deal the other day I looked up Beyonce's song on YouTube to see what all the fuss was about. First of all, if I ever tried to move like that my hips would permanently pop right out of place. I'm not joking. I would be under 30 and having to use one of those walkers with the little seat that you can sit down on when you get tired. Secondly, the song got stuck in my head for days.... days!!! ugh.

So today in an effort to get it out of my head, I went back to YouTube and looked up my favorite comedian, Chonda Pierce. She claims that her parents named her Chonda because her daddy liked Chevy and her mom drove a Honda. I tried to name Princess newbie Toyonda since His Royal Highness loves Toyota and I drive a Honda but he said no. Sometimes I think that guy lacks imagination. :)

As a parting gift, I am leaving you with one of her skits. She is so much funnier in person. If you get a chance, go see her in person or watch her skits online. The one about Rehab is funny yet very true.

If you just fall in love with her and have to have one of her CD's, I recommend "Four Eyed Blonde." The story that she tells at the very end of the CD will remind of you of your true inner beauty. It's my favorite and makes me cry every time I hear it.


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