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Sunday, November 28, 2010

We're Back....

We are home, finally.

Wednesday we pulled out of Houston headed to DFW (Dallas Fort-Worth)  with full expectations to be home on Saturday afternoon. As 99.9% of stuff in my life, that did not happen as planned.

Thanksgiving was great, seeing family was great, getting embarrassing pictures of my sister was great, Black Friday was AWESOME, and then it started to go downhill..... way down.

Friday afternoon I got food poisoning.  It was the type of food poisoning where you want to curl up and die but you can't because you're so cold that you're afraid you'll freeze to death with the drool still hanging out of your mouth. Now that would be a tough way to go. Please excuse me, I think I was so sick that I lost brain matter. I was finally up, defrosted, and breathing again by Saturday night. Our plan was to get up early on Saturday and leave.

Damion let me sleep in for awhile since I was still not feeling the best. I finally drug myself out of bed at 9:30 and quickly packed everyone's bags so that we could leave as soon as the guys were done doing some tweaking to our van. Turns out the tweaking needed more like a overhaul rather than a tweak and we were trapped for another night in DFW. So I spent the day lounging around, trying to get some energy back. Except I did have to run to rescue Princess Goofy when she drove her electric tractor into a rose bush. I came very close to fertilizing that rose bush with regurgitated food. Running while healing from a stomach issue is not smart. Don't do it.

So this morning we got before Dawn and were out the door before 7am. It's a miracle and my in-laws barely believed it was happening. We reached Waco around 9am and I have a picture to prove it to you non believers;

We made it to College Station before we had to stop thanks to Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs (the movie) and a sleeping toddler.

I had a cute hunk to keep me company

Well if you consider watching movies to be "company".

And finally we made a stop at a Farmer's Market where I had to talk Princess Girly Girl out of wanting pickled pigs feet and pickled eggs. Yuck. ugh. nasty.

We pulled into our driveway around 1pm. It is the earliest that we have ever arrived back home from my in-laws house.

I'm glad to be home but I can tell I'm home.

Tonight I dropped a bag of rice, dropped a cup of flour, dropped my cell phone, dropped my laptop, and broke the door to the broiler on the oven.

Welcome home. I'm not known for my grace, or poise, or skinny butt.


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