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Monday, November 22, 2010

Stitch by Stitch

We went to the thrift store today. I love love love thrift stores because I love bargains. There is a goodwill south of where we live, close to an very rich part of town that always has great kids clothes. That's not where we went today. We went to a thrift store that I almost wrote off as a bust until we came to the book section and found these:
 Aren't they pretty? Vintage, old, and funky craft books about sewing, knitting, crocheting, needlework, and a few other things. They were all on sale for a ridiculous price so I grabbed every single one they had.

The pictures alone make them worth it.
This one is my favorite cover. It just screams "warrior princess from the future with just a hint of Asian influence.".

I am having trouble deciding which one of these Damion needs for Christmas;

 I'm partial to the second one. Just something about a man in cap sleeves... yum.

And for you salad lovers, why not wear it on your hat?
 I was thinking about whipping this up to wear for Thanksgiving but I'm afraid my sister Julia would be wearing the same thing.  Plus my butt would look more like two hogs wrestling under silk sheets.

There are some really great things in the books that could easily be made more modern. I'm really excited about taking on a few projects from there. You might possibly see these books again.

Now for the best news.....

My sister used to look like this except without the bad 70's hairstyle;

But as of this afternoon, she now looks like this;

Congrats to the Kirby Family and to my favorite niece, Emma, who became a big sister today!

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Blogger Marcia said...

I love the pictures too! The carrot and peas hat is wild!!! I wonder if someone actually wore that hat anywhere?

November 24, 2010 at 4:36 AM  

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