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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Don't Make Mama Mad....

I'll guess we'll just call this the "get Bobbie all riled up week". First it was Amazon and now it's our former AC repair company.

I have been so mad today that you could probably boil yourself a cup of earl grey tea in my blood, not that you would want to. All you twi-hards might want to try though because of the whole vampire aspect.

A few weeks ago J&K Air and Heating came out here to do some simple duct work repair for us. The guy, who was extremely nice and has done all our AC work for the past 4 years, told me that we also had a clogged drain line and needed a float switch, so he did that stuff. Fast forward about four hours after he left and we heard water dripping down our walls and landing on our garage ceiling. The drain line that he had just unclogged was overflowing at the top and running down the walls. He had removed and discarded the cap that would have prevented this. Then the same day we also noticed the AC was sluggish going on and off. We just blew it off because we had water damage to contend with.

Over the past few weeks we have had more and more trouble with the AC not coming on or not shutting off when it should. This past week, the blower fan ran for 36 hours straight. I love wasting electricity, so much fun when you have money just spilling out of your pockets to spend on it (sarcasm).  So spare you all the other details, the AC company was finally able to come out today but I did request a different technician, which made them mad.

He came out and changed out a part which he said would fix it and assured me that nothing the other guy did caused this, it was just an old part. Then he left, and the AC ran for three hours straight so I called them back. Obviously not only is it not fixed, it's worse because it's not just the fan blowing, it's the actual AC unit, which can kill our unit and freeze us out of house and home.

The AC guy returned my call and said he would be back in a few minutes. Two minutes later he called back to tell me it was probably our thermostat causing the problem but he would still come check it out. That was at 2 o'clock this afternoon. All I wanted today was a happy hour drink from Sonic. So I waited. and waited, and then I waited some more. At 5 pm I called to see if they were coming and the woman told me that she would find out and call me back. After I failed to hear back from them at 6pm, I called again and their answering service said, "I was told to tell you that they would not be able to get to you until tomorrow."

There was NO call to inform me of this, I had to call them twice. Now to get our AC to turn off, we have to shut it off at the breaker or take the thermostat apart. I am getting mad just typing this.

Not only that but while the guy was here, he looked at the ceiling water damage in the garage and said, "oh.. that's from your house plumbing, not our fault." UM... hello guy! That was caused by the drain line in the attic that you guy was working on that very day, you don't think there's any chance the two are related? Yeah, they are related and I was going to let it go and not ask them to pay for it, but not now.

Now you have made me mad, and I don't get mad often.

So... if you want a bad AC company that will not hold up to their end of the bargain, use J&K Air and Heating in Houston, TX. Actually their mailing address is now in Waller but used to be off of West Little York Rd.

Here's their complete information:
J&K Air and Heating
telephone: 281-855-0100

Whatever you do, don't use their service. I was a loyal customer for years and this is how they treat us? No thank you.

edited : 11/12/10

This morning we called another company out who was able in five minutes fix the wiring mistake by J&K Air and Heating. Yet no one from J&K would still return my calls and so we were forced to file a complaint with the BBB.
Sorry to vent about this on my personal blog but I really want it out there so that when people google this company, they can read this before hopefully deciding not to use them.

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