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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Iphone Case Redo

I got my IPhone when they were still giving away the free cases. Pictures of pretty colorful bumpers and awesome cases were splashed across every news story about the antenna problem, so I just figured those would be the cases they were offering for free.


When I opened up the app. that gave you the choice of your free case or bumper, there was black, black, and more black. There was only a black bumper, black cases or a few patterned black cases. I picked out the most interesting pattern they offered as seen below: 

I know.. don't adjust the color on your screen, that is actually black on black plaid. Rousing huh?

I'm not really an all black kinda girl. I like color. lots of color. My hair was magenta and hot pink all through college. I loved it, my parents not so much.

So I lived with it as long as I could and this week I tore the black plaid off the case and tried to recover it myself.  It kinda worked.

Two things about it which did not work:
1. Damion said that I picked the wrong fabric and now it looks like an old lady's purse.
2. I didn't let the fray check I put on the edge dry before I put it on the glue and for some reason it turned black. Now there's some black spots that aren't that noticeable unless you take a picture, then they really stand out.

So the verdict?

I love it but I am going to redo it next week when I get free time. I might pick a younger, hipper fabric or I might just stick with my carpet bagger look and be happy. I'm not sure but one thing I am sure about it learning a little thing called Patience and letting the fray check dry first.

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