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Clumsy Crafter: Enjoyment

Friday, October 22, 2010


I enjoy this girl.

She is at an age that I love, becoming her own little feisty person.

When our first child, Princess Girly Girl, was this age I had a two month old colicky and sick baby, Princess Goofy. Sadly I don't remember this time with her that well. I think I was dealing in strictly survival mode, not live and enjoy it mode.

Then when Princess Goofy reached this age, I was dealing with an older sister in the throws of terrible two's and ohhh what a throw it was. It was around this time in Princess Goofy's life that we discovered our oldest daughter cannot have red food dye or you would think her head was going to fall off. It was a difficult time.

Even though I love my oldest two just the same, I was barely making it when they were in their beginning toddler stages. Not only that but Damion and I were still learning how to be married and how to be parents. Things did not flow all that smoothly on a day to day basis.

But now.. with seven years and two other kids under our belts we work like a machine. Most days. We still have the machine like our dishwasher days.. which is sputtering and barely making it another day. But now there are more good days than bad. I have a husband that helps more than he ever has with the kids and especially with the baby years. Actually Princess Newbie's favorite person is her Dadda. That's also her favorite word which she calls everything, even the dogs sometimes. I call Dadda a dog sometimes too but that's on the not so well oiled machine days. Just kidding sweetie.

I am glad that we have a few years between the oldest two and this girl. It's not what we had planned or hoped for and there was a question if it was even possible for awhile. But it all goes to prove that God knows what He's doing and He knows the right timing.

Now I have the time to sit and enjoy her, to walk with her holding her hand without running after another toddler.  I have the time to swing her outside on the swing set while the other two are swinging themselves. (yes, princess Goofy is really close to mastering this feat!) Now I cherish the time with the oldest two giggling in the backseat and Princess Newbie shrieking with joy in the middle seats.

It's a great time of our lives and I'm loving it all. most days.

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Blogger Robyn said...

I really agree with this Bobbie. I have enjoyed Erika so much more since we have the big gap. I questioned God so many times why my dream took so long but I enjoy her so much more now ( that I'm older).

October 23, 2010 at 8:40 AM  

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