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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hot Summer.. Big City...

So today was wild.... Damion woke me up at 6:30 am to tell me that the AC must not be working properly since it was 79 degrees in our house before the sun even came up for the day.  By 8am it was 82 degrees in the house  and starting to feel a little warm, at 10am it was 85 in the house and feeling hot, and by the time the AC repair guy got here at 11:30 it was 87 degrees in the house felt like there was a solar flare in the living room. It was hot. Air does not circulate well in this house. I realized how hot it was when I went in the garage, which is not insulated, and it was cooler than in the house. Actually I thought about throwing a nudist party for 1 in the garage but the kids would have found me eventually.

The AC guy said that it would take a few hours to get the house cooled back off and recommended that I go do a little shopping. That's a great idea but all my shopping money just went into your retirement fund  Mr. AC guy!

Friday I was supposed to take the girls downtown to the discovery green park for our first homeschooling field trip so I just decided to go ahead and do it today. Discovery Green is a great Urban park in the middle of downtown Houston. It's a great idea to get cooled off by going out into the direct sunlight huh? I am a brilliant but a little heat fried.

I had planned for us once a week to sit down and sketch our surroundings as a small art lesson. It sounded like a great idea. So I gave the girls each a blank paper pad, colored pencils and told them to draw their surroundings. In my head I had pictured them sketching out Discovery Green's cool architecture or the surrounding skyscrapers. Princess Girly Girl drew a picture of  one of the guys cutting the grass and Princess Goofy drew a snail. I never saw a snail. Then about two minutes into the whole process Princess Newbie decided to take Princess Goofy's place and steal all the pencils. Then someone else had to go potty.... "wreally, wreally bad!". So we were done! Voila! Art!

We wound up just playing in several of the water features they have there, which was a great way to cool off. Then we picked up Damion from work and one of his coworkers who hitched a ride back to the bus station with us. Nothing like making a grown man unwillingly watch Miss Patty Cake on the DVD player over and over. The girls really loved him though.

This day could have been horrible but it wasn't.  Overall it was an amazing day and we were blessed with it. The AC is fixed, we spend time together as a family and no one suffered heat exhaustion. Once again I will say, "I am Blessed".

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