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Clumsy Crafter: Tinkerbell

Saturday, August 14, 2010


urgent: if you remember me asking you to pray for Haven Grace a few weeks ago...well tonight she definitely needs your prayers. She is on her way to the hospital in Dallas to receive her new heart. P,ease pray for her and for the family that lost their child tonight and is so lovingly giving the heart to Haven.

For those of you who are still willing to read this blog after thursday's lame story.. I have another dress to share with you. These below are the ones that I showed you yesterday. I used a tutorial from Create and Delegate to make these two dresses from old Shirts. I altered the tutorial to make each of the dresses a little long since we like our kids to wear longer dresses than normal. I also made my own bias tape instead of using store bought, which turned out really cute on both dresses. On the pink dress I also added a colorful pocket. They were both super easy and turned out fantastic.

So I also made Princess Goofy a new dress using some Tinkerbell fabric that I bought a long time ago. She loves Tinkerbell. The fabric is bright green so I paired it with a very muted purple fabric to downplay the vibrant colors. I did use a pattern and fully line the dress. However she wouldn't really try it on while I was sewing it and when all was said and done, I could honestly wear the dress myself because it was that big.

So I had to make some major alterations to the dress for her to be able to wear it. I still love how it turned out. You can't see the purple scalloping at the very bottom unless she's moving but I still love the fact that it is there and only peeks out like a fancy petticoat at times.

Here she is twirling and dancing in the dress...

Then she decided that she was done and stood on the sidewalk like this..
She also declared that she was very cold and wanted to go inside. (uh.. it was only 97 degrees at that particular moment)

I did happen to catch this shot from the back so you can see the fullness and length...

but she was definitely done with pictures for the day / month / year.

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