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Sunday, May 2, 2010


We are back home in Texas and soo soo tired. Something about traveling with three small kids really wears you out. Something about day to day life with three small kids also wears you out but that's a story for another time.

It was an eventful trip since my life really is meant to be a made for TV movie. I'm convinced these things only happen to me.

First the hotel messed up our rooms and we spent four days in the smallest room possible for a family of five.  Friday night we were up almost the entire night, Princess Newbie just couldn't sleep in a weird place. Saturday I finally was able to go to this restaraunt that I've always heard about but I had never been to named La Fonda. I don't know if it was the food or something else but I got sick. I put on a huge smile and fought through the wedding. I was actually feeling halfway decent until I ate some food and cake at the wedding and then it was back downhill. I looked in the mirror right before we left the reception and my eyes were red and bloodshot. I looked rough. Lack of sleep mixed with sickness isn't a very becoming look on most people.

Not to mention that Friday night Princess Goofy rolled off of the bed at about 2am and split her chin wide open on the night stand and actually punctured a hole right through her lip. I'm going to post that story tomorrow.

Saturday night was another sleepless night since Princess Goofy decided that sleeping was for suckers.

Overally it was a fantastic weekend. I really enjoyed the trip this time since my Mother in Law met us there and helped out with the girls. We saw a lot of family and friends and went to a beautiful wedding.

In the same week that we have had so much sadness over something we also experienced extreme joy at Keith and Misty's wedding. It's weird but I like weird.. It suits me.

Oh... and Princess Newbie started walking. Next stop is Harvard.


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