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Clumsy Crafter: Domestic Queen Day

Friday, April 9, 2010

Domestic Queen Day

Today I woke up inspired to be a Domestic Queen for the day. I set my sights high, in hopes of dethroning Martha Stewart. Overall making this decision the night after I was up the entire night with a baby was a poor choice. So far my morning is:

7:30 - Up to change the babies diaper and find Princess Girly Girl twirling around in the office. She looked totally busted when she saw me but cracked a smile when I gave her a hug. She's such a nut.
8:00 - breakfast and tried to give a fussy, tired baby some cereal. no luck, she won't eat today.
8-9 am- no clue, I think I stared at the wall until I got the idea to make some coffee
9- Started the laundry using my homemade laundry detergent. (round one against Martha Stewart - I won!)
10- napped laying on the couch while the baby was asleep and the older girls sat on top of me watching a cartoon. ( I think Martha was victorious on that one. I'm sure she's not a napper)
11- watched The Pioneer Woman on the View, it made me hungry so I got up and got out her cookbook. Decided to make some homemade bread using a recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a day. It is seriously the easiest bread recipe I've ever seen in my life. I'm in love with it and it puts Martha to shame since it has easy simple ingredients and is quick. Any recipe from Martha Stewart has crazy expensive ingredients and will take you the entire day just to read the recipe. I once made her apple spice cake recipe and I think it cost me upwards of 40$ just for the ingredients. (win- me)
12- Princess Girly Girl washed the dishes in the sink for me while I prepared lunch. I'll have to rewash them when she's not around. Plus I tried using my own recipe to make soba noodles with an asian dressing. I undercooked the noodles and burned the dressing. No one ate it. (Martha wins again)
1- Now trying to calm a still fussing baby who really needs to go back to sleep. The only time she has been happy so far is when she was playing in the kitchen cabinets or stealing her sister's baby doll.

Hopefully the rest of the day continues to be productive. I will have to clean out two closets, fold laundry, clean and start dinner before His Royal Highness gets home. He might find me passed out underneath the pile of clothes.

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