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Clumsy Crafter: Words

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Words hurt
Words heal
Words love
Words hope

Words stay sometimes forever. Things that are said cannot always be forgotten, no matter how hard we try and try... and try...

Words can be devestating even when they are not meant to be.

Words that others consider trivial can be deathly to others.

Words that people consider fun are many times offensive and leaving me running for my children's ears.

Words can also breathe life into a soul. The simple words of a wedding vow give two the right to exist and become one.

Words can bring hope when it seems like there is none.

Words are sometimes more comforting than grandma's cooking.

Words can tear my children down or can build them up.

Words sometimes destroy me and sometimes encourrage me. Words give me the strength to pursue the road less traveled in my journey for success.

Words are more powerful than nuclear weapons or natural disasters.

Words spoken or unspoken have no limit to their impact.

Words are..................lasting

How are you going to speak today?



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