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Clumsy Crafter: loss

Sunday, March 28, 2010


This has been a crazy week. Within 36 hours my best friend lost her dad, my neighbor lost her mom, my brother in-law lost his dad and a friend from Tyler lost her Grandmother. Today I found out that in a few months we'll be loosing our pastors to the mission field.

I know that some loss is permanent and some is temporary but they all come with the same heartache for a time. I'm sad for all my friends and I'm terribly sad to loose the world's youngest 40 year old pastor and his family.

Today we cleaned out the old plants and debris out of our front garden. The area is bare and empty. It reminds me of when we first moved in our house and there were no plants out front whatsoever. Every single plant in this yard was placed there by us slowly as we could afford it. The freak snow and freeze in Houston this year single handidly killed every plant that we placed there with love. Now there is nothing... it's bare.. the dead things are gone.. and the most beautiful soil has been left behind.  It's just waiting for new plants to come and grow. The soil is ripe to nurish and help the plants grow.

Loss is sad but the relationship that you had with that person has cultivated a growth inside of you. Now that your heart is bare, it has a chance to grow. I know that my friends will overcome and turn the love they shared for their parents/grandparents into something beautiful. I also know that Life Church Katy was made into a church.. a true church, not one defined by a building.. .and now it's time for another growth... in a different way...and it will all be wonderful.


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