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Monday, December 7, 2009

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

I know I haven't finished posting about meeting The Pioneer Woman yet. To do that I would have to crawl under my bed to retrieve my laptop, get my camera and cables out, connect it all, and then upload all the pictures.

But while I was gone all day saturday to meet her, the house somehow exploded into mass chaos. I'm not sure how that happened. (ok.. so I have an idea) Today I spent four hours cleaning and two hours dealing with the small car accident I had two weeks ago. In case you didn't know, an extremely nice old man ran into the back of my van. There wasn't really any damage except two little holes in my bumper from the bolts that were holding on his liscense plate and some chipped paint.  Then I tried to spend the evening with my husband who will be gone for the next two days. After all of that, I just didn't have the energy to go laptop fishing under the bed. (I'm sitting at our desktop which I do not touch with my camera equipment since someone has claimed this as "his" computer.)

Basically I will have a rental van for the next week or so. I hate it. really. The girls climbed in it this evening for the first time and flipped down a compartment that usually holds the DVD screen in our van and found a sunglass holder instead. haha. I laughed at their expense but I shouldn't have. The second I put that thing in reverse I realized that I was in huge trouble. My van has a backup camera that I rely on like I do air. This one does not. I immediately broke up in a huge sweat. His Royal Highness later made a comment about how much trouble I had backing out of the parking spot. For the rest of this week I will only be parking in spots that I can pull forward out of. I'm not joking. Unless you ride with me, then I'll just make you get out, even in the rain, and help guide me out. The van is a dodge caravan but I think an elephant would be a smoother ride. Now I know why Dodge's non truck division is almost bankrupt.

Tomorrow His Royal Highness has to return to Louisiana for his cousin's funeral. Mitch was only 21 and should have had a full life ahead of him. Please remember this winter to drive slowly on wet or icy streets. Also put down the cell phones, no talking or texting while driving. Most of all remember that no one has the promise of tomorrow, make today count.

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