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Friday, November 13, 2009

Girls Night

Tonight was a girl's night. It just happens that most of the girls here were under the age of 5. So how do you have a fun night for little girls? Funny Face pancakes of course!

The last time I was at the store I found Batter Blaster. I had seen this around blog world a few times but I was so excited when I saw it in our local store. It's the perfect way to make quick pancakes, or so I thought.

The pancake batter is in the can, ready to go. No messy mixing or stirring, just point and shoot onto the hot pan. That part was great but the pancakes stuck so badly that I could barely get them out of the pan.

I had visions of the princesses helping me flip pancakes and being the huge helpers they desire to be but I almost had to go rent a jackhammer to get the flapjacks out of the pan! They just waited patiently on the side, sneaking chocolate chips and wearing the evidence on their faces.

You know what you get when you try to make funny face pancakes with wrinkly pancakes?

Grandma Funny Face, white hair and all.....

Here's Princess Goofy

Princess Girly Girl

and of course, the perfect way to end a girl's night is with a little bubbly. But when 75% of people in attendance are under 21, you might just have to settle for peach sparkling juice, courtesy of IKEA.

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