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Clumsy Crafter: Choices

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I had a rough morning.

1. The older girls made their own breakfasts while I was getting dressed. Cereal could be seen on the floor as far as Canada and all the yogurt is gone.
2. One of the princesses threw such a huge fit while getting in the car that she was sent to time out, in the driveway. Yes, I put her in time out by the garage door. My neighbors must think I've finally lost it.
3. Another princess, whom shall remain nameless, chose not to wear underwear again and I did not discover this until we had arrived at the YMCA. I cannot even count how many times I had already asked her if she was wearing underwear, to which she replied, "yes." So we had to get in the van and come back home to get underwear, hitting road construction and a wrong way driver on the way home.

I finally made it back to the YMCA and started listening to worship music on my Ipod, which helped my mood a lot but it was still a little stinky. The good news is that I had remembered to wear deodorant this morning, so my attitude was the only stinky thing around.

Not long after I started walking on the treadmill, one of the lovely women who work in the childcare there came to get me because Princess Newbie had a small diaper explosion. The woman next told me, "at least you got some of your workout done, some is better than none."  To which I replied, "I'm just glad I got a break from my kids." Then I stepped back for a moment and thought, did I really just say that? Yes, the break I receive when I work out is nice but is that my reason for doing it? No.

Why do I stay home with my kids if that's how I'm going to view my days with them? I know I should be lighter on myself because I was having a rough day but my attitude was horrible and not what I wanted my kids to learn. I'm here to enjoy them and teach them myself, so that others won't be doing my job of mothering them. It's a choice that I made and I need to remind myself sometimes more than others. But, it's my choice and it's one that I need to enjoy. Every single day will end and never come again. Twenty years from now I will be laughing about the princess who went commando daily and be proud of the way that the spunky princess has turned her temper into something good but today is just today and I need to hold onto it for now.



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