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Thursday, October 29, 2009


The last 24 hours have been plain craziness. Here's a little recap for ya....

1. Woke up at three am with a borderline migrane
2. Checked on Princess Newbie while I was up and noticed that she was burning hot. Burning hot. But it was warm in the house and she was really bundled up so I undressed her and turned on the fan to cool the room down. I covered her with the light sheet only and attempted to go back to sleep.
3. Woke up many times during the night to discover she was still hot but had cooled down enough for me not to be as worried.
4. Sometime in the night while I was up I decided to check on the older princesses only to discover one of them had an accident.
5. Banged head on wall.
6. Finally got up with Princess Newbie around 7 when I heard my dad up ( we are staying with him) and borrowed his thermometer. Her fever was almost 103! He went to the store to get her Tylenol and we both started looking for a doctor that would see her since she is so little and we are from out of town.
7. Finally found one 20 minutes away that would see her but they say it will be a very very long wait. And it was.
8. His Royal Highness texts me to inform me that he had lost his wallet somewhere between the bus and work but that he is going to try and catch the bus to look for it. He is supposed to fly up here tomorrow to join us but won't be able to get on the plane without his licensce which is in his wallet. But since he is out running after buses, I can't get ahold of him on the phone.
9. After a long wait, tests that make princess newbie scream and a shot that made her hate this world, we finally left with an ear infection diagnosis.
10. I get another text saying he found his wallet. Yeah!! All is right with the world, well except that I'm a conservative in a liberal controlled country.
11. Our insurance had all the princesses birthdays mixed up, which made getting newbie's prescriptions a nightmare! They tried to tell me that she was not born on august 1st. Hello! I'm pretty sure I was there!
12. We finally got it all worked out and had a nice dinner tonight to top off the rough day. You should always end a rough day with a beautiful dinner.

So the good news is that this day is almost over and tomorrow I pick up His Royal Highness at the airport. I miss him. Next week we celebrate 6 years and I think I love him more than I did 6 years ago.

Princess Newbie is sleeping peacefully. Let's hope that is a trend that continues!

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