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Clumsy Crafter: NieNie

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am a blog reader fanatic. I jump from one person's blog to another and then another and another..... Sometimes I just can't help myself.

Over a year ago I found a blog called NieNie. She is a wife and mother that just shared her daily joys and trials. I occasionally read it because of two things. 1. Her husband and her are in love... I mean love. They cherish each other and treat each other how God has called us to treat our spouse. 2. She loves her children and spending time with her children.

Awhile back some of you might have heard that her and her husband, Mr. Nielson, were in a small plane crash that killed their flight instructor and left them both with serious burns. Stephanie (NieNie) was in a coma for a long time and awoke to a different very painful life. Her husband was in the hospital for a long time as well which meant that her sisters had to raise her children for her during that time. Over the past few months I've been following her recovery and healing. Yesterday she was on Oprah to talk about the accident and how she's overcoming. It was an amazing story.

She said that during the time she was in a coma she felt like she was given a choice to live a painful life with her family or go on and die and she chose to live to be with her family. On her blog she often talks about the pain and how at first her children were scared of her because of the scars. Now she can't pick them up, can't hold them. How hard would that be for a mother not to be able to hold her children?

Oprah sent a woman who was a fustrated stay at home mom to follow Stephanie for the day and the woman later said that it changed her life. She saw how hard it is for Stephanie to do things now but she gets up through the pain each day just to provide for her family.

I didn't want to go into this much detail but it was really inspiring to me as a stay at home mom to take more time for my family.

Honestly, I get fustrated some days. Since Princess Newbie has arrived, His Royal Highness has come home to a crying wife several times. The princesses were having a hard time adjusting to a new sister in the house and I'm tired. Princess Newbie likes to eat every two hours still! That means that I am sitting down every two hours to feed her and then I still have to clean the house, cook, take care of Mount wanna-cry-over-all-this-laundry, and spend time with my family. Then when I get the cleaning and cooking done, it's time to do it again.

So today I really tried just to relish in my children. Instead of calling Princess Goofy to come back when she veered off to walk down this pretty looking path while running errands today I told her to walk down it and then come back. And I waited for her. I'm stopping the busy life to spend time with them. That's why I stay home, to be with them and to make a happy home for His Royal Highness. Anything else can be put on the back burner for awhile.

Here's the story on
Stephanie's Blog - NieNie dialogues


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