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Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Few Things....

I have a serious post/ tutorial all ready to post but I'm sleep deprived and we all know I can't be serious when I'm only going on 4 hours of sleep. Not only that but I have been fighting this massive allergy attack for almost a week now. And no, it is not the swine flu, although someone did seriously ask me this question.

So in order to save us all from mass delirium, I will just do a short post that will hold little to no barring on the world and go to bed.

The name of this post shall be, "A Few Things About Me."

1. Our bed is really high and I cannot reach things that fall on the ground when I am sitting on the bed. Yet, I always feel compelled to try and get stuck in these really weird yoga-ish positions while calling for His Royal Highness to help. But he never shows up and I have to slither to the ground, landing in a weird heap on the floor. I guess once he's the King he figures he doesn't have to be the knight in shinning armor anymore, at least not when it comes to his wife falling off the bed.

2. I wear our kids in a ring sling. I like how close it keeps them to me and the fact that it lets me be hands free doesn't hurt. However the ultimate best reason is that it hides the baby fat. I just had a baby 8 weeks ago. The pooch is still there and was still there from the other two. Can I say pooch? Anyway, you put the baby in the sling and no one looks at your midsection, they only ooohh and ahh over the baby. It is my number one secret for new moms. The sling hides a multitude of wrongs. In fact, it's time for a small confession. I wore a horrible stained shirt to hobby lobby last week because I knew that the sling would hide all the stains and I was just too worn out to go look for a different shirt. No matter what has landed or leaked on your shirt or your waist, a sling can hide it all.

3. If I could choose to be doing anything in the world at this time right now. I would choose to be a wife to His Royal Highness and a mom to my three princesses. I am happy.




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