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Saturday, October 17, 2009

House and Home

I've reached that point where I'm tired of the current decorations in our house. Some of them are still from the struggling newlywed/ cheap as possible or free days. Alright, all of them are from those days. My good decorations have been put up to keep them from being broken by little tiny sticky fingers. I really don't want to put money into new decorations since 1) I'm cheap 2) they will just be broken by little tiny sticky fingers or His Royal Highness.

So the other day I made a new flower arrangement by things I had and I love it.

I took this pretty vase that has just been sitting under my sink since one of the girls was born. I don't remember which one but the ribbon was faded and had seen better days so I'm guessing it's been there for awhile. I cut off the ribbon, filled the vase with whole coffee beans, stuck a clump of fake flower/ weed things that I already had in it and added a new velvet ribbon. Well, it's not really a ribbon. I cut an old curtain into strips and just pinned it on the vase. It's not even sewed.

This took me a total of five minutes to make and the best part was His Royal Highnesses reaction when he walked in the door. All I heard was, "oh no... mommy's been crafting again." He is my biggest supporter.

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