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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chinese the Southern Way

I made Beef and Broccoli last night for dinner. It wasn't until I had already decided to make it and cut up all the vegetables and meat that I discovered I was out of  soy sauce.  So being true to myself, I just decided to kinda make up a sauce. I didn't mention this to His Royal Highness because he is already suspicious of my cooking. One word... cowboy casserole... He will never trust me again.

I won't even tell you what I used in my special sauce but it worked. It could have used stronger seasoning but Princess Girly Girl had two helpings and then ate Princess Goofy's helping while she was upstairs using the restroom.

The best part was when His Royal Highness said something to the effect..... "wow, how'd you do that, with soy sauce and all?" I just nodded my head knowing that he would never have tried it if it wasn't by the book. It kinda was by the book, it's just my own book that happens to not be public knowledge.

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