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Clumsy Crafter: Bobbie and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bobbie and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Agh. What a 24 hours. Nothing really horrible has happened, it's just the accumulation of nothing getting done that I needed or wanted to do for the last 24 hours.
As some may know, massive storms hit Houston yesterday afternoon. I was upstairs cleaning when I heard the rain start and within the 15 minutes that I was upstairs, our backyard flooded. I came downstairs to find both dogs standing in several inches of water by the back door, looking as if they had lost their best friend in the world. His Royal Highness walked in at this exact moment and told me not to let them in because they were too wet, I should have let them in 20 minutes earlier. I politely informed him that it had only been raining for 15 minutes and I had been upstairs so I didn't know it was that bad. After a too long conversation that amounted to nothing, he finally agreed to help me dry them off and let them in. I think that snoopy was looking for snorkel gear at this point.

During dinner we lost power and it wasn't the type of loss that just quietly bowed out and stayed off. It was going on/off, on/off, on/off until you were ready to pull your hair out. Every electric appliance was making a loud clicking every time it came back on. It finally went out and stayed out. HRH had to leave for school but the princesses and I had a flashlight and candles. I assured him that it probably wouldn't be out for long and we would be fine.

Three hours later I managed to get the girls to bed peacefully after reading a book by candlelight and layed down to read my own book by candlelight. The lights came back on a few minutes before HRH arrived home from school without the hot fudge sundae I had bribed him to bring home. McDonald's was closed! like they didn't have power or something! He did bring a frosty home from Wendy's but it didn't have hot fudge on it. Pregnancy requires hot fudge on rough days.

HRH and I were both up many times throughout the night because of the storms, dogs, and kids. He attempted to go to work this morning but was back within ten minutes because the roads were flooded. It had rained so much during the night that our baby pool had completely filled up from empty and was running over the top. It is at least 11 inches deep.

The morning we spent watching the news to see all the flooding around us. It's crazy. There is a local park that has a small zoo that the girls love. The news helicopter was flying over it showing the workers trying to get the animals out of the water and into trailers to move them to higher ground. I can't help but think that the extremely large pig they have there didn't have a chance to get out alive. It was up to the workers waists and the pig is shorter than that. All the main streets surrounding us were impassible but our subdivision was spared from flooding.

This afternoon was spent cleaning up a lot of poop, which I will spare you the details of.

Now there's dinner to cook, three other people to clean up after, and four walls surrounding me with a forecast of more rain tonight. agh. It's a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I know we're blessed to have a dry house and dry cars but I choose to wallow in self pity and a bad mood for a few hours. I will remain that way until the hot fudge is found.

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Blogger Daemon said...

At first I thought this story might be the best one yet ... I saw 24 hours ... 24 hours and I was thinking ... is she talking about 24 ... my favorite TV show? When will Jack Bauer's name come up? Nope but thats a good summary of the day.

April 29, 2009 at 8:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Wednesday was not so good...different stuff...but sometimes our day just stinks...I am glad it is Friday!!!

Did you ever get your hot fudge?

Have a better weekend!!!


May 1, 2009 at 11:27 AM  

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