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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sometimes you have bad days in life. Sometimes you have bad months. Sometimes you might even have a bad year. Today was just one of those days that you want to file in the return to sender file. haha. Can you do that?

Just a sampling of my day:
1. Princess Goofy got her hand shut inside our sliding van door. Our van has sensors that won't let you close the door if hands or body parts are in the way. Apparently my rear end is too large for the sensors though because it has closed on that before. Don't worry, the door was not dented. Back to the story. She got her hand wedged in the one area of the door that there is no sensor. When I looked in the window from the outside of the van all I could see was her in a complete panick. She was screaming, crying, and jumping up and down all while her hand was still shut in the door. I opened it and Princess Girly Girl said in a perfectly happy sing song voice, "her hand was stuck in the door."  Sympathy, it's a gift that not all four year olds have required yet.  Thankfully her hand is not hurt in any way. She can't even remember which hand it was. We were blessed in that.

2. Princess Girly Girl threw a stompin, jacket throwin' fit in Target. The joy of a mother's heart... fits in public.

3. Gasoline poured out all over my jeans when I picked up the gas pump to fill up the van today. And I thought baby spit up was the new look for winter....

4. Princess Girly Girl slid coming down the stairs this afternoon and rammed her cheek straight into the downstairs toy box. She split her lip open and has a nice bruise on her cheek. Princess Newbie started crying when she heard her sister crying so I asked Princess Goofy to please cheer up Princess Newbie who was laying on the floor on her mat. Princess Goofy was her normal self and went stumbling backwards, falling directly on Princess Newbie. I had three crying Princesses all at the same time.

5. I got the bill for our home birth. Which was about $2,000 more that we expected, thanks to our wonderful health insurance.

6. His Royal Highness beat me at Ice Skating on the Wii. I'm the girl! I'm supposed to win the ice skating!

Hopefully now I can ignore the presents that are on the table, not in the mail as they should be, and just relax for the night. If you are expecting a christmas present via mail from me, please look for it in May.

It might have been a rough day but we are still blessed. I would pay $10,000,000,000. just to have Princess Newbie around and I would put up with a million more tears just to make sure that the older princesses are safe.

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