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Clumsy Crafter: Christmas Morning

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Morning

Christmas was great. The princesses are at the age where it is still so fun. We do not celebrate Santa in our house. Christmas is reserved for Jesus' birth, not some fat man that eats all our cookies. We chose to scale down on the gifts this year and only bought them three presents each. They were all smaller presents and their grandparents bought them one big gift to share, a dollhouse. My dad also chose to get them all educational gifts, which they loved.

This is the dollhouse that they play with non-stop. Princess Goofy even took the dollhouse babies to the park with us today.

We're teaching her early that it's all about product placement.

His Royal Highness and Princess Goofy playing with the new monkey of the family.

Princess Goofy showing me her mouthful of chocolate while wearing her beautiful new coat. Just in case you weren't aware, chocolate stains badly. This only gave me a minor heart attack until someone was able to quickly remove the coat. Crisis averted. I know kids get stains on things but the coat just needs a little more time of perfection first. My aunt and cousin sends the best coats from Chicago. They are always so beautiful.

They also sent sparkly purses. It's like they have Princess girly girl down to a T!

The hair! This is the normal morning hair for Princess Goofy. This hair fits her just as much as sparkles and glamour fits princess girly girl.

I hope everyone had a great christmas as well.



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