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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Zoo Trauma

Today we took the girls to the Zoo. It was a perfect day to go to the zoo. The weather was perfect, mid 70's and cloudy. It had rained earlier in the morning so the zoo was empty. The girls really only looked at the first few animals and after that, only played in the puddles with sticks and leaves. But that gave His Royal Highness and myself some time together in peace to look at the animals.

We ate lunch in a cafe at the center of the zoo. There are a ton of pigeons in this open cafe but there was one extremely brave pigeon. It just took a seat on our table and ate Princess Goofy's lunch. We chased it away but it kept coming back for more. You can tell by the look on her face that she really enjoyed it. :) She was actually shaking and terrified. Then some other birds stole her pizza and we thought that she would never recover. She did, dont' worry but if you're at a park and see a kid running for her life away from a pigeon, it might just be our princess Goofy.

I haven't been a woman of leisure the entire week. Actually until tuesday I was so busy that I could barely take time to clean. What a bummer! I had to complete the gifts for all my nephews and niece so I could mail them on tuesday. Here's a picture of my neice's gift. It's a onsie that's personalized for her 1st birthday, new years eve. I also made a tie tu-tu for her to wear with her shirt. I will post a how to on the tutu soon. I also completed a tool belt for my nephew that I forgot to take a picture of. Now I'm preparing for my families christmas but have been under the weather so I'm fighting through it.


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